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Is Counselling for me?

If you are unsure, ask yourself these simple questions:

  •  Have you lost your spark?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or stuck within day-to-day life?

  • Do you find yourself spending an excess amount of time worrying about yourself or others?

  • Are you tired of negative symptoms associated with anxiety or depression-related medications?

  • Are you losing sleep due to rapid thoughts at night?

  • Do you find yourself avoiding new experiences?

  • Are your daily activities interrupted by racing thoughts?

  • Do you experience heightened physical symptoms (e.g., heartbeat, muscle tension, increased body temperature) during situations most others would not perceive to be stressful?

  • Are you finding it difficult to get projects started or see them through to the end?

  • Are you sleeping too much?

  • Do you find it difficult to sustain attention to get everyday tasks completed?

  • Are you struggling to find activities that evoke feelings of joy?

  • Are you experiencing feelings of isolation or loneliness?

  • Do you pretend to be okay around your friends and family and at home find yourself feeling unsure of how to move forward?

  • Do you feel your emotions take over when you are stressed?

  • Do you say or act in ways that result in feelings of regret?

  • Do you wish you could gain increased control over your reactions to stress?

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