Our Team

At Sheldon Psychology Group we work as a team as we believe the collaboration of many minds supports the individual goals of the clients we serve.


Nicole Sheldon

Registered Psychologist

BEd, MEd

Nicole has a long history of working with children and families to support them in achieving the kinds of success they deserve in their lives. Before becoming a psychologist, Nicole worked as a teacher, and before that, she worked with youth who were disconnected and off track in their lives. Nicole is passionate about supporting children find success in their lives, and for families to find more peace and calm.

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Jenny Duffield

Developmental Therapist and Counsellor


Over the past two decades of working with individuals and families, I have learned the importance of matching services to the unique context of each individual and family. I strongly believe that each family unit is unique and therapeutic goals need to consider the impact on the whole family. It has become my mission to get to know each of you in a way that will allow me to honour your unique context and build upon your existing strengths and abilities.


During my work with you at Sheldon Psychology Group I hope to discover root causes for your current struggles, identify new skills and/or strategies that will be helpful, and to work with you to implement these into your daily life in meaningful and achievable ways. In many cases I will work in combination with you as an individual and, at times, with the family unit as a whole. My hope is that an increased sense of confidence and ease in your overall daily life is gained. I feel incredibly privileged to walk alongside you in this journey.

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Jody Caswell

Registered Psychologist


I bring to the team many years of experience working to support people in making change in their lives through counselling and career exploration. The focus of my work through the years has been on supporting change through life's transitions. I am intensely interested in children's healthy development and supporting strong families.


At Sheldon Psychology Group, I am excited to be completing psychoeducational and career assessments. An understanding of learning profiles promotes increased school success and confidence. Helping reduce some of the uncertainty adolescents experience as they consider their post high school next steps, supports continued momentum on their life journey, while promoting a feeling of ability. I believe this work provides an amazing opportunity to change children's lives for the better, support strong families, and help young people build confidence in their abilities. 

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Nicole Brayton

Counsellor and Educational Consultant


I bring both passion and compassion to my role and offer a space to help children, families and individuals flourish. Graduating with a Masters of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology, I have learned the importance of tailoring treatment and interventions to the needs of the individual to promote growth and change from within. Every individual is unique and I believe that building a strong relationship is critical for success.


During my time with you at the Sheldon Psychology Group I hope to work collaboratively to resolve any challenges or struggles you and/or your family might be going through. By teaching new skills and drawing on your strengths, your goals will be at the forefront of our time together. With over 20 years of experience in the field of education, I know that every step should be celebrated and I would be honoured to support you in your journey.

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Amanda Jantzen

Behavioural/Developmental Therapist

I have had the pleasure of working with children with varying challenges for the better part of 14 years. Over the course of my work with children, families, and schools I've come to believe that every child and their family can be successful when meaningful support is provided. Significant growth and change can be made when challenging circumstances and behaviour are met with actionable strategies. My goal is to create a support system emphasizing collaboration across environments by taking the lead from parents as the experts on their children.


My work with the Sheldon Psychology Group team takes me into the community to meet with children and families in the context of their daily lives. I am passionate about consolidating strategies amongst team members in order to provide the best holistic support for the child and family to reach their potential.


Devanee Clark

Outdoor Programmer and Education Specialist


I am a teacher in Calgary specializing in elementary education and mathematics for elementary education. I am passionate about the outdoors and helping every child succeed in their own capacity. 

I am excited to be a part of the team, developing and piloting Sheldon Psychology Group's Outdoor Leadership Camps. I enjoy being creative and designing fun, immersive learning experiences for children and youth!